Monday, April 22, 2013

Once Upon a Time I wrote a Poem

In I believe it was December my English teacher wanted to get to know her students better and needed to see how great out writing skills were so she told us we had to write a poem. We had four different prompts to choose from and could write about basically anything we wanted to... The prompt that stuck out the most to me was called I believe... I thought to myself I could possibly get people thinking with this poem and have never really done anything I guess you could say to "offended" (for a lack of a better term) other people beliefs with my word and what I believe is right. So here is my poem that I am finally going to share with you.

I believe...
I believe in the Bible and the truths it holds
The satisfaction of Christ 
The church and what it stands for 
The importance of religion, faith, friends, and family

But the belief that material things will satisfy a person is unfortunate

I believe in giving everyone a second chance
I believe in the sanctity of life
I believe in equality,
Honor, Respect, and Freedom
And I believe in the saying don't judge a book by its cover

I hope you enjoyed my poem :) It is probably one of the best poems I have ever written because I actually wanted to write it and didn't feel like it was one of those stupid assignments to keep me busy. Also, I haven't written a large amount of poems for that matter.