Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'll get to it eventually...maybe

             So I am aware that it has been a while since I have last had a blog posting. I was going to try to be better at this, but obviously that hasn't worked out. Life just happens to get in the way and I happen to like to procrastinate. Anyway, to get back to the whole blogging thing, I have realized recently that most of the things I do don't get done until the last minute and sometimes that is stressful. It is really bad sometimes and I complain about not getting enough sleep or not having enough time to spend with friends, but in reality it is my own fault.
            This week has been one of those weeks and I haven't even procrastinated to the extreme yet, my teachers have just been piling a bunch of stuff on us.(really people you complain about grading it why do that to yourselves) I have just mostly finished a descriptive essay and  I have really hated it, ( I'll put a link up for all of the projects that I think are blog worthy) it has been quite a challenge and has made my head spin. I am pretty much running on fumes right now, school takes a lot out of a person. I can't wait for Christmas break!! It is not only a time to celebrate Jesus' birth, but to get rejuvenated until Spring Break ;)  However, I will probably have homework and the never ending saga of procrastination of homework will continue.  I know I need to fix my problems, but usually I don't want to try to fix bad habits....
Literally the poem that describes my life

I am so sorry this was random I just needed a little randomness in this hectic time I understand if you quit reading :)

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