Tuesday, February 26, 2013

S.C.H.O.O.L (Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives)

     Exam time is fast approaching my life. That can be a good and a bad thing. For instance the whole cramming for exams is not cool, but it also give a sense of winding down and being way closer to (can you believe it) SUMMER!!! This trimester has been one of the hardest trimesters I have ever hard. I had 3 core classes and one of them included Geometry.... I despise geometry with a passion, it has been the hardest math course I have ever had. I am also in a Family Living class that class has been very helpful and even though I thought it would be one of those blow off classes it has proved to be quite helpful and will continue to be helpful in the future. I have already planned my wedding to the one and only Ryan Gosling at the Toledo Zoo, now even though it wasn't completely accurate, I mean who gets married at the Zoo the lions would totally be creepin', anyway it proved to show that planning a wedding is difficult and I realized that I should just elope... weddings are too expensive!! My life has been wrapped around school (maybe a little too much) this trimester and I could not imagine playing a sport! 
   Anyway I decided to make this post because most of my teachers have been whining about not being able to finish the curriculum this marking period because of the snow days, let the record show we have had 3 snow days to date and this is the longest trimester. Now it doesn't take a math wizard to figure that we should be right on track, but whatever. I personally have enjoyed these snow days as they are a nice breather from people at school and also homework and I have had it up to my ears. 
   I cannot wait for Spring Break!! I am beginning to have the dragging feeling and have almost missed the bus a few times in these last couple weeks. WHOOPS :( School is just not as interesting as it used to be, but I will continue to plug away at it and pray for guidance and wisdom to get through this dragging time. 

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